Fire, Intruder Alarms & CCTV

We are experienced in providing high-level security to ensure your premises, and their surroundings, are protected and monitored effectively. We have a wide range of burglar alarms and fire protection products and can assist you in making the right choice.

Risk Assessment in Leicestershire

We provide a full risk assessment on site to identify what level of protection is required, all performed by our NICEIC electricians. From our on-site assessments, we can obtain and install the right system for you, with equipment that complies to the latest and highest EU standards and fire regulations.

Having a risk assessment report completed on site is recommended for any premises – many insurers will refer to a risk assessment on an insurance claim, so it is beneficial to take this step now.

CCTV Installation & Remote Viewing

We undertake CCTV installations to a range of premises, enabling you to monitor all areas of your property 24 hours per day. This invaluable technology will allow you to record all activity on and around your premises, increasing security and also acting as a visible deterrent to criminals.

We provide remote viewing technology, where you can monitor your property, from any location in the world. Working on Mac/PC’s and smartphones you can view a live stream of your property’s CCTV footage, allowing peace of mind wherever you are.

Security Alarms

Security for any property is essential and is key to protecting you and your property, whether they are residential or commercial. Having an effective security alarm is a requirement today, and its benefits go beyond protecting your property to providing you with cheaper building insurance, as well as the peace of mind that your property is protected.

We can supply a range of security alarms to fit any size project, and a range of systems from basic alarms to systems that automatically alert the authorities of an event. Our A Hull Electrical security expert will undertake an on-site assessment to advise on what is right for you, and all our burglar alarms conform to the latest EU standards.

Fire alarms

Fire protection is required for any building, be it commercial or residential, and fire alarms are the first line of defence against a fire. With years of installation experience throughout Leicester and beyond we can inspect and provide the right type of fire alarm system for your building or home.

Whatever the size and complexity of the fire prevention system, we can provide all the commercial fire safety solutions you need in one place. Work with us to keep your properties and tenants safe and in line with current regulations.

The first step in the installation process is to visit your property and get details of the building’s protection requirements. We would then conduct a fire risk assessment examining any existing alarm systems at the same time. Finally, we will deliver your bespoke system and install ensuring it meets your exact requirements and budget.